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Continuing education (CE) for veterinarians and staff

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The “Let’s Doodle This!” Speaker Series is a fun and fresh approach to managing the financial side of veterinary medicine.
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Sabadoodle offers a broad range of virtual and in-person CE-eligible sessions.

Veterinary Technicians & Support Staff
Financial Planning 101 For Technicians – Beyond Budgeting
Finding a purpose for every dollar of income is critical for veterinary technicians.

In this session we examine a new way to look at household cash flows that generates insight and informs decision-making. How to balance debt repayment versus building saving will also be discussed. Finally, the often-overlooked topic of extracting the most possible value from employee benefit programs will be examined.

Early / Mid-Career Veterinarians
The Four Keys to a Successful Student Loan Repayment Transition
When veterinarians get crystal clear on how to manage their debt, they gain confidence and peace of mind.

This session covers the four keys to a successful student loan repayment transition. The speaker will also discuss two student loan myths and one repayment hack every doctor should know. The session content is ideal for early-career associates feeling trapped by their student debt and searching for peace of mind. The session is also relevant for seasoned doctors looking beyond student loan repayment with an eye toward other goals.

Late-Career Veterinarians
How to Gauge Your Retirement Readiness
Gauging your retirement readiness is the first step toward feeling financially secure in the last third of life.

As veterinarians enter their 50s and 60s, the focus often shifts to exploring a richer personal life…expressed through deeper family connections, charitable causes, travel or even vacation property ownership. In this session, a financial planner serving the veterinary community will delve into the art and science of retirement planning and the “must-haves” for readying yourself for retirement.

Veterinary Practice Owners / Associates Contemplating Ownership
How Your Veterinary Practice Fits into Your Personal Finances
To what degree will you need to rely on the sale of your veterinary practice to fund your retirement?

A veterinary practice is qualitatively and quantitatively different than the other assets on a owner’s personal balance sheet. Therefore, practice owners have an extra step in the retirement planning process compared to associates. This extra step is transitioning the ownership of a business. In this session, we will look at the financial impact the sale of your practice could have on your personal finances, including retirement readiness and estate planning.