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Sabadoodle is a new breed of financial wellbeing…

just for veterinarians.

Sabadoodle is kind of like a financial guide-dog leading practice owners, managers and staff around financial obstacles.
The breed is friendly, caring and trained to listen in a way that enhances people’s confidence with money.
Read about Sabadoodle’s financial wellbeing partnership
with the New York State Veterinary Medical Association (NYSVMS).

You will learn, through a case study, how one veterinarian benefitted from ‘real’ financial planning.

Veterinary managers are ideally positioned to guide owners and clinicians toward personalized yet cost-effective relief of financial stress.

As Lead Doodler, Mike Sabatino, CFP®, digs deep into the beliefs and feelings that contribute to chronic job hopping and cause more and more clinicians to leave the veterinary field.

  • Latent financial stress adds to the emotional toll of delivering veterinary care and contributes to burnout and staff turnover.
  • The feeling of financial security is core to wellbeing and the foundation for a productive and sustainable clinic.
  • As leaders, practice managers care deeply and want to elevate the whole team.
  • But they lack the bandwidth and resources to make everyone feel seen, heard and understood when it comes to financial stress.
Let’s doodle this!

Veterinary managers face a financial wellness dilemma.

The practice manager job is multi-faceted and demands a give-and-take approach to tough problems like employee turnover and retention.

  • On one hand, the manager either enhances the clinic’s core wellness offering or risks losing the war for talent.
  • On the other hand, employee benefits, as a whole, are underutilized and the manager cannot afford resistance or ambivalence when adding new wellness resources.
Sabadoodle solves the financial wellness puzzle by making the whole team feel seen, heard and understood in a personalized yet cost effective manner.
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The stakes are even higher for veterinary leaders that want to maintain independence over the long-term and successfully compete with corporate medicine and venture backed startups.
  • The greatest workload surge in VetMed history has led to a staffing crisis.
  • The pipeline for new talent lags the growing demand for veterinary services.
  • The industry wide hiring bottleneck isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • Analysts project a gap in the supply of VTs of more than 50,000 by 2029.
The Doodle’s excellent long-range vision guides owners and managers to anticipate and overcome the hairiest threats looming on the horizon.

Independent clinics are the heart of VetMed and where Sabadoodle feels most at home.

Mike Sabatino’s, CFP® financial wellness approach is the result of working in the trenches over the past 10-years with hundreds of employees, including dozens of veterinary professionals.

Mike is a Certified Student Loan Professional and an expert on helping veterinarians and managers slay the student loan dragon.

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Let’s discuss your specific needs and how Sabadoodle can help.
Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult.

How it Works

A low-maintenance approach with customized packages to fit any clinic’s budget.
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A convenient, three-step process that saves time for busy clinicians…
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Targeted content and email outreach springboards the employee into a 45-minute one-on-one micro coaching session.

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Customized actions facilitated during the meeting guide the employee toward a clear action plan rather than sending them off with a long to-do list.

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Ongoing email and phone support keep the employee on track and help to celebrate progress.

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Check out the Case Studies for examples of how Sabadoodle helped an Associate, VT and Assistant reduce financial stress after one 45-minute micro coaching session.
Case Studies
Let's discuss your specific needs and how Sabadoodle can help. Our customized packages fit any clinic’s budget.
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Let’s discuss your specific needs and how Sabadoodle can help. Our customized packages fit any clinic’s budget.
Schedule a Complimentary 30 minute Consult

Why Sabadoodle Now?

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Monthly student loan payments and interest will begin piling up in 2023.
  • Since March 2020, 45 million federal student loan borrowers have enjoyed a respite from monthly loan payments as part of Covid relief measures. In addition, interest rates on $1.5 trillion of federal student loan debt have been set to 0%.
  • On December 31, 2022, relief measures are scheduled to expire, and employees will begin making monthly payments and accruing interest on outstanding balances.
  • For perspective, the average federal student loan payment is roughly $400 per month or close to $5,000 on an annual basis. Monthly payments for borrowers with advanced degrees, such as veterinarians, are considerably higher.

It’s not too late to help employees channel this temporary cash windfall toward savings instead of the spending that contributes to a scarcity mindset and more stress and staff turnover.

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult to discuss your specific needs and how Sabadoodle can help.
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Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult to discuss your specific needs and how Sabadoodle can help.
Our customized packages fit any clinic’s budget.